The "Becoming" Bundle: Book, Workbook, Wrist Band + iTalk (40% SAVINGS)

The "Becoming" Bundle: Book, Workbook, Wrist Band + iTalk (40% SAVINGS)

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So many of us are carrying around hurts and disappointments. Most of which are keeping us from experiencing the life we really want. The "Process-Based" approach Clint learned from the six years spent with one of the greatest coaches of all time, Pete Carroll, will teach you how to embrace all of life as a gift, and get you to where you want to go, much quicker. 

What you get in this bundle:

  • The Becoming Book
  • The Becoming Workbook
  • iTalk
  • "Face The Storm" Wristband

"Becoming" Book

In this raw and honest look at Clint’s very own struggles, you'll learn how he was able to overcome them and experience wholeness. His story is one that will empower you to overcome your challenges, and experience your own transformation. By reading this, you will learn how to “love the process to wholeness."

"Becoming" Workbook

Bridging the gap between information and life-change can feel incredibly intimidating. The "Becoming" workbook will take you through a concentrated six week study, in identifying and engineering the truths of "Becoming" into every day life, in a practical and hope giving way. This easy-to-use guide will be a voice of encouragement and pruning, as you journey to "wholeness."


This 52 card deck of biblically based affirmations, will teach you how to think like God thinks, and see your situation as God sees it.  In the high performance world, self talk is everything.  These practical affirmations, will train your self talk to live from a renewed mind. 

"Face The Storm" Wrist Band

Are you a bison or a cow?  That is an important question to answer.  When a storm comes, these animals have very different reactions. A cow will try to run away from the storm, and by doing so, will end up spending much more time in it.  A bison instead will run at the storm.  Spending considerably less time in it.  

Storms will come in our life.  We need to be brave and courageous people who make the decision for more difficult right, instead of the easier wrong.  

The path of least resistance will not build your self-esteem!  Remind yourself with this wrist band that no matter which direction the storm comes, you're going to run AT it, and not away.